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 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

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PostSubject: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas   Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:05 am


In GTA San Andreas, the game now takes place in the early 1990’s. You are now playing as the character Carl Johnson who has just came from Liberty city to go to his old house in San Andreas because of his mother’s homicide. In this game you must go all over a three city environment to find out what happen to your mother and why are your childhood friends (in the game) are going so wrong.
The G.T.A. series has improved with new abilities like swimming, eating, changing clothes, buying lots of houses, getting to take and save pictures, running a gang, and recruiting 7 people to watch your back as you walk down the street, and Pimping out cars into Hot fast and furious, lowrider cars. Grand Theft Auto now introduces 1-2 players, playing together in a free roam mission.

This game kind of explains, and connects to Grand Theft Auto 3

Available for users only G74SA_TDW_.part02.rar G74SA_TDW_.part03.rar G74SA_TDW_.part04.rar G74SA_TDW_.part05.rar G74SA_TDW_.part06.rar G74SA_TDW_.part07.rar G74SA_TDW_.part08.rar G74SA_TDW_.part09.rar G74SA_TDW_.part10.rar G74SA_TDW_.part11.rar G74SA_TDW_.part12.rar G74SA_TDW_.part13.rar G74SA_TDW_.part14.rar G74SA_TDW_.part15.rar G74SA_TDW_.part16.rar G74SA_TDW_.part17.rar G74SA_TDW_.part18.rar G74SA_TDW_.part19.rar
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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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