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 Cilat jane faktoret qe lidhin njerezit?

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PostSubject: Cilat jane faktoret qe lidhin njerezit?   Mon Nov 02, 2009 1:49 pm

Poet John Donne expressed his view of the human condition in a memorable phrase: “No man is an island”. If, as Donne implies, people are social animals whose fates are intertwined, then why do so many people feel disconnected and alone in the world?

What ties people together?

What is a community? Is it based on Territory? Is it based on Common Culture?

What make Albanian people to be “Albanian”? What make you feel like Albanian and (for example) not French?

Why do we tend to trust people like ourselves but mistrust people unlike ourselves?

Is it possible to have multicultural, multiethnic societies with unity in diversity?

What are the ties that bind people?

No, no dejéis cerradas las puertas de la noche, del viento, del relámpago, la de lo nunca visto.
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Cilat jane faktoret qe lidhin njerezit?
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